Ак-Талаа (Ak-Talaa)
Shield of Naryn

Population: 30,643
District Area: 7,266 km2
Leader: Unknown

Name and Etymology:
Ak-Talaa is derived from the Kyrgyz Ак-Талчат which means "white kernels."

The Ak-Talaa district is sparsely populated and the population is employed mainly in animal husbandry.

Ak-Talaa is located in a valley in the Tien Shan mountains and its population is 99% Kyrgyz. Turkic tribes have inhabited the area since the ninth century and it largely avoided Mongol domination due to terrain. The area was divided between Russia and the Qing dynasty in 1876 prompting regular revolts until the declaration of the Soviet Union. During the twentieth century many pastorialists settled into small villages.

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Plan of Ak-Talaa, Kyrgyzstan by AJ Artemel
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