Ħal Balzan/Balzan
Reġjun Ċentrali/Central Region
Shield of Balzan

Population: 3,958
District Area: .6 km2
Leader: Dr. Ian Spiteri (Partit Nazzjonalista, PN)

Name and Etymology:
The village was named after Maximillian Balzan, a merchant from Granada, Spain, who settled there in 1567. Balzan also means tax collector in Maltese.

Balzan is a popular residential neighborhood for the middle and upper classes in Malta and is closely tied to neighboring Birkirkara and nearby Valetta.

Balzan was founded in the 1400s and grew from a farming settlement into a parish in the 17th century. Its orange trees were imported from Granada. There was a large fireworks explosion in 1903. The village is now famous for its feast day celebrations for Mary and St. Valentine.

Link to Balzan's website.

Balzan Malta from the air
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