Shield of Cutro

Population: 10,510
District Area: 133.69 km2
Leader: Salvatore Divuono

Name and Etymology:
Cutro is derived from the Greek Kyterion. In Calabrian, it is known as Cùtru. It is nicknamed the "City of Chess."

Cutro's economy has historically been based on the production of grain. More recently, an industrial area has been set up as well as an army base.

Cutro was part of Magna Graecia before passing to the Roman Empire. Post-Rome, it was occupied by Ostrogoths, by the Arabs, and then by the Byzantine Empire. Eventually it passed to Aragon and Habsburg Spain. The city grew in 1575 with a charter from King Philip II of Spain. It was destroyed on March 8, 1832 in an earthquake, rebuilt thereafter.

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Plan of Cutro, Italy by AJ Artemel
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