Regiunea Nord
Shield of Fălești

Population: 78,258
District Area: 1,072 km2
Leader: Valeriu Muduc (Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova PCRM)

Name and Etymology:
Fălești derives from fala, a medieval word for glory or spoils.

Fălești is primarily an agricultural area growing barley, oats, and wheat, along with sunflower, tobacco, and orchard fruit.

Fălești is first mentioned in the 1430s and became part of the Principality of Moldova under Ottoman suzerainty. In the eighteenth century the area became depopulated due to warfare between the Ottoman and Russian Empires. The area was occupied by Russia in 1812 but was incorporated into Greater Romania between 1918 and 1940. The town was 51% Jewish before WWII and Romanian collaboration with the Nazis. It was incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1944 until independence in 1991.

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Plan of Falesti, Moldova by AJ Artemel
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