Hualahuises/Misión de San Cristóbal de Gualahuises
Nuevo León
Shield of Hualahuises

Population: 6,914
District Area: 127.8 km2
Leader: Jesús Homero Aguilar Hernández

Name and Etymology:
The town was named after an indigenous tribe in the area.

The town is a center for the manufacture of toys and baseball gloves, and also produces agricultural goods related to orchards: honey, oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits. The town is also a producer of geraniums.

The Hualahuises are thought to have been a group of Nahuatl-speaking Tlaxcaltecas who aided the Spanish in settling the Northern Chichimeca lands. The original mission around which the town grew was founded in 1646 by Martín de Zavala but was razed in 1693 by local unsettled tribes. The town was refounded by 1753. The town is famous for its river lined with ahuehuete cypress trees.

Link to Hualahuises's website (down at the moment).

Plan of Hualahuises, Mexico by AJ Artemel
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