Ústecký kraj/Ústí nad Labem/Region Aussig
Česko/Czechia/Czech Republic/Bohemia
Shield of Louny

Population: 18,351
District Area: 24.27 km2
Leader: Radovan Šabata

Name and Etymology:
The name is derived from "Luna" which accounts for the moon on the shield, though the word is thought to derive from a Slavic root related to flowing water.

Louny is the home of several Czech and Japanese companies which together account for most regional employment. The region is known for its hops, and there is a brewery in town.

Louny was settled first by Celts and Marcomanni, but was largely Czech by the eleventh century. It grew under Ottokar I of Bohemia but was depopulated during the Thirty Years' War. It was a center of the Hussite movement, marked as one of the five cities that would escape the apocalypse. It became part of Austria until 1918. During the 1970s much of the old suburb was torn down.

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Plan of Louny, Czechia by AJ Artemel
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