Niefang/Sevilla de Niefang
Centro Sur
Guinea Equatorial/Equatorial Guinea
Flag of Centro Sur

Population: 37,273
District Area: Unknown km2
Leader: Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (President of Equatorial Guinea)

Name and Etymology:
Niefang means "limit of the Fang" as it marks the traditional western extent of Fang settlement.

The city's economy is derived from its position at a crossing of the Benito River.

The city was founded by Nze Bokung before Spanish colonization. It is on the main road in Rio Muni between the port of Bata to the new capital (under construction) of Ciudad de la Paz.

Link to Niefang's website (nonexistant).

Plan of Niefang, Equatorial Guinea by AJ Artemel
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