Qandala / كاندالة / Butiyaalo / Bandar Kor / Taba Tege / Gacanka Hodonka
Puntland (Somalia / Soomaaliya)
Shield of Puntland

Population: 19,300
District Area: Unknown
Leader: Unknown

Name and Etymology:
There is no information on the origin of the toponym "Qandala."

Qandala's economy has traditionally been based on trade with the Indian Ocean and Arabia, lying on a protected cove of the Gulf of Aden. The region produces high-quality frankincense and aromatic woods.

Qandala was a prominent Indian Ocean trading port colocated with the ancient town of Botiala. It was colonized as part of Italian Somaliland, part of the British protectorate in 1945, and part of independent Somalia in 1960. After the civil war in 1991, it became part of Puntland. It was briefly occupied by ISIL in 2016.

Link to Qandala municipal website (Nonexistent).

Qandala Somalia from the air
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