Basse / Upper River Division
The Gambia
Shield of The Gambia

Population: 37,561
District Area: Unknown
Leader: Foday NM Drammeh (United Democratic Party)

Name and Etymology:
Tumana is a new district and is named after the nineteenth century Mandinka Tumana kingdom.

The economy of Tumana is mainly based on farming. Its main towns are Kulari, Dingiri, and Perai.

Tumana, like the rest of The Gambia, was under Portuguese colonial government until 1765 when the British assumed control. The Gambia was a major center of the slave trade until slavery was abolished in 1906. Tumana was a Mandinka kingdom in the nineteenth century until it was conquered by the Soninke in 1867. Tumana was devastated by flooding in 2011.

Link to Kulari municipal website (Facebook).

Tumana Gambia from the air
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