Terras de Trás-os-Montes
Shield of Vinhais

Population: 9,066
District Area: 694.76 km2
Leader: Américo Pereira (Partido Socialista)

Name and Etymology:
Vinhais is derived from the proto-Celtic root Veniatia and references the town's former wine production.

Vinhais has a small aging population and focuses on tourism. The town formerly produced wine but now produces smoked meats and chestnuts.

Vinhais was settled in ancient times by the Galician Celts and then by the Romans and then the Germanic Suebi, Vandals, and Goths. It was part of the Umayyad Caliphate until conquered by Portugal. King Sancho II built walls around the town in the thirteenth century. It was taken by Castille several times. The town was Royalist in the early twentieth century. Now the town is in decline.

Link to Vinhais's website.

Plan of Vinhais, Portugal by AJ Artemel
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