Shield of Yevlakh

Population: 199,600
District Area: 1,540 km2
Leader: Heydər Əliyev (President of Azerbaijan)

Name and Etymology:
Yevlakh is derived from a Turkic root word meaning "swampy place."

Yevlakh is one of Azerbaijan's more important cities for non-oil economic sectors. The district is a producer of potatoes, watermelon, and fruit, along with cotton and silkworms. There are manufacturing centers and agricultural processing and packaging enterprises in the city. There are clay and sand resources for brick-making. A major regional shopping center is located in the town.

Yevlakh was founded under the rule of the Russian Empire as a railroad station on the main Baku-Tbilisi line. The father of famous Russian theologian and inventor Pavel Florensky was an engineer on this railroad; Florensky was born in Yevlakh in 1882. It became recognized as a city of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1935 and quickly grew into a regional hub. It is now situated on the Ceyhan-Tbilisi-Baku oil pipeline and the Baku-Tbilisi highway.

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Plan of Yevlax Azerbaijan by AJ Artemel
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