The Fairy Princess and the Ladybug Crown

June 2, 2019
A story for my sister's birthday

There once was a fairy princess and she was the most beautiful and wonderful gem in all the land. She made friends with everybody and cared for them all. Her castle was just the right size—a house on a hill, with a garden for walking, a pool for swimming, and all the water you could ask for so that no one was ever thirsty. Big beautiful flowers popped up all around the house and all the fairy princess’s friends could collect some as they came to visit. And visit they did, because she could take out her fairy princess wand and fix their worries with a beep bop boop.

One day the fairy princess was sad—she could fix everyone else’s worries with a beep bop boop but what about her worries? Who could wave her wand but her?

One day Showboater came to the castle of the fairy princess and he asked for help with his worries. But for every beep bop boop, a new worry sprang up. One after another, Showboater put worries on the table and fairy princess, because she was so good and wonderful, had to zap them all. The fairy princess was exhausted! Jeese!, she said out loud. She turned the wand to herself to beep bop boop her tiredness away, but nothing happened. She had to wait for it to recharge.

She looked outside and all her beautiful flowers had gone limp. She looked at her friends and they were all playing without her. Were they only her friends because she took care of their worries?

The fairy princess went to see the witch. The witch lived in a ditch and was so crusty that every time she talked a piece of crust fell off. “I can’t use my wand anymore,” said the fairy princess to the witch. The witch took a big handful of doritos and crushed them and sprinkled them on the fairy princess: “Ah, I see the problem now,” said the witch. “You need to find the ladybug crown to restore your full charge.” All the while crusts had been falling and the fairy princess was surrounded.

The fairy princess ran from the witch ditch in a cloud of crust. Beep bop boop, she tried to get the doritos off her head but it didn’t really work. The charge on her wand was too low.

She started wandering, trying to find the ladybug crown. She ran into Ms. Cow. “Hi Ms. Cow, do you know where I can find the ladybug crown?” the fairy princess asked. “The ladybug crown only comes to those who show their strength or surrender, who know that love is a game of power, and who can read the balance of forces,” said Ms. Cow. This sounded strange and slightly alien to the fairy princess. She beep bop booped out of the meadow and headed for the ocean. Now her wand was at 15% charge.

“Hello Ms. Tunafish!” the fairy princess shouted. Ms. Tunafish took a while to answer; she was in a meeting. “Hi, Ms. Tunafish! Do you know where to find the ladybug crown?” Ms. Tunafish surfaced and made fun of the fairy princess’s hat. Then, she said, “The ladybug crown comes to people who are honest and loyal, and who know that honesty is the best cure for disagreement.” “Hmmmmm, ok,” said the fairy princess. It sounded like Ms. Tunafish was saying she wasn’t quite good enough for the ladybug crown. The fairy princess beep bop booped away from the seashore; 10% charge!

She went into the forest to see Mr. Hawk. Mr. Hawk loved the fairy princess because she had nursed him when he had a broken wing. But he had spent too long in the air scanning the horizon for danger while also searching for a tree that was strong enough to hold him. The fairy princess had to beep bop boop him down to meet her. 5% charge! “Mr. Hawk, do you know where to find the ladybug crown?” “Yes, my dearest fairy princess. You will have to make it; it’s hard work but once you do, your charge will be full.” Mr. Hawk resumed his flying.

The fairy princess used her last charge to beep bop boop back to her castle, now lonely and gray. She got to work. First, she invited everyone to a big party. “Bring a ladybug!” the invite said. The fairy princess sang to the flowers and put up string lights. She invited Ms. Cow, Ms. Tunafish, and Mr. Hawk to come sit with her. The fairy princess danced the night away until all the dorito crumbs fell off. When she saw Showboater she said to him: “Some of your problems are your own fault.” Showboater got cross and started hollering but the fairy princess stood firm with her arms crossed, just so.

The fairy princess turned around after Showboater left. The air was full of ladybugs and they flew in a circle over her head. All her friends came out from the bushes; they had brought the ladybugs. “We’re sorry we played without you,” they said. “We thought you needed some alone time to recharge.” The fairy princess forgave them and realized that there is joy all around, in the ladybug and in the dorito crumb. That love is not duty nor is it power. Her charge fully restored, the fairy princess beep bop booped a huge buffet full of the most delicious and special treats for everybody and they all lived happily ever after.


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