Zachodniopomorskie/West Pomerania
Shield of Choszczno Powiat

Population: 50,066
District Area: 1,327.95 km²
Leader: Wioletta Kaszak

Name and Etymology:
Choszczno means "Estate." The German name, Arnswalde, means "Eaglewood."

The economy of Choszczno is based on the manufacture of machinery, clothing, animal feed, and starch. The town is the home of the 2nd Artillery Regiment and sits on the rail line connecting Szczecin (Stettin) and Poznań (Posen). The area is a popular center for tourism due to its lakes and forests.

Choszczno was incorporated into Piast Poland in 967 and was refounded by the margraves of Brandenburg as Arnswalde in 1234 and was resettled by people from Angermünde. The town became part of the Kingdom of Prussia and then Germany. The town became part of the "Recovered Territories (Ziemie Odzyskane)" after the Second World War and was resettled by Poles after the German population was deported. Around 80% of the town's buildings were destroyed by advancing Soviet forces; much of the historical architecture was rebuilt in the 1950s.

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Aerial view of Choszczno
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