Wellington/Te Upoko o te Ika a Māui
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Shield of Masterton

Population: 23,352
District Area: 2,300 km²
Leader: Lyn Patterson

Name and Etymology:
Masterton is named after Joseph Masters, founder of the Small Farms Association. Whakaoriori, the Maori name, likely means "to make it shake."

The economy of is primarily based on sheep herding and wool production, with some other industrial sectors represented as well.

Masterton was founded in 1854 by the Small Farms Association and slowly grew into the major economic center of the Wairarapa region, due to its placement on the main Auckland-Wellington railway. The combined effects of increased European wool production in the 1970s and deregulation in the 1980s have left Masterton in a reduced economic position. Masterton is the site of one of New Zealand's worst industrial accidents—the 1965 General Plastics explosion.

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Masterton, New Zealand from the air
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